Casino News: Tighter Regulation might solve the problems with online gambling

Tighter Regulation might solve the problems with online gambling

 July 16, 2008, 7:26 am (10 years ago)
June Cotte, who works as a marketing associate professor at the Richard Ivey School of Business at the University of Western Ontario has requested the legalization of online gambling to allow for improved rules and to ease damaging consequences.
"One possible way out is to permit legal corporate sponsors, like the corporations that administer the main casinos in Las Vegas or the government sponsors in Canada, to go into a lately regulated market for online gambling. Just as legalized commercial gambling in casinos permits governments to control it, so, too, could the corroboration of online gambling allow for better regulation and tries to lessen the increase of problem gamblers." said the academician.

According to CNW, Cotte and colleague Kathryn A. Latour from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, implemented a research, "Blackjack in the Kitchen: Understanding Online Versus Casino Gambling" It will be in print in the Journal called Consumer Research in the winter of 2009.

They questioned 20 usual casino gamblers and 10 usual online gamblers. They used pictures as prod to learn how gambling makes them feel and how it is recognized. Out come shows it is more often that the online gamblers gamble and in an aggressive way, and it seems like this is because the gamblers have to travel to get to the “land” casino and once you’re there, there is no place to hide.

On the flip side, access to online gambling is easily becoming part of the daily life, and this convenience allows gamblers to spend more time on gambling. Since there is no need for the gamblers to communicate with others, they can focus on the game. This is one of advantage which is appealing to the gamblers.

"The loose online situation ends up in a more disordered situation with no apparent social standards and rules. The sense of gambling has changed. It is moving from a shared party-atmosphere accessible in the casino to a no-holds-barred battle online. It stimulates the gamblers' competitive side." said Cotte.

Cotte views that while online gambling is prohibited or in an officially authorized grey zone in Canada and the U.S., with the exception that it is initiated by Canada's provincial lottery corporations, it is still without difficulty reachable through Internet companies located offshore. The study shows that more than $10 billion yearly is spent internationally by consumers on online gambling.

On the other hand, casino gambling is strictly limited and examined. Cotte and Latour point out that legitimatizing and controlling online gambling, just like how the casino is regulated, might be a solution for gambling problems.

The academicians say that the following elements might be connected to online gambling regulations:

* Improved age checks at the time of signing up for an online account;
* Cross-checking new users with lists of addicted or morbid gamblers;
* Setting limits on maximum bet the players can use and interact with players to notify their amount of spending and the hours.
* Making information presented about problem gambling treatments via pop-ups on instant messages;
* Preparing online gambling therapist ready online;
* Obligatory "cooling-off periods," which make online gamblers to stop gambling for a period of time which they have set beforehand, before they are permitted to bet money from their accounts;
* Making tables of wins and losses more highly visible on the computer screen to raise players’ awareness of where they stand.

In addition, the study suggests that online gambling casinos minimize the use of bold, blinking graphics to indicate wins in order to keep down the 'emotional experience' for gamblers.
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