Casino News: Should card counting be authorized at blackjack table?

Should card counting be authorized at blackjack table?

 December 15, 2009, 9:22 am (8 years ago)
A current court ruling put an obligation for Indiana Casinos, which the casinos oppose to follow. According to this regulation, the casinos are obliged to let players to sit at the blackjack tables in spite of admitting that they are capable of counting cards.

Regrettably, casinos in Indiana have been dealing with harsh times. Income from losses by the players has previously gone down, and the forthcoming casinos in Ohio are going to unquestionably cause the number to go even lower. Card counters, if they play their cards right, are capable of moving the odds of the game of blackjack more in their favor. Blackjack is those games with the lowest house edge, thus the casinos usually ready to lose money via blackjack even without card counters sitting at the tables.

A low level court has by now concluded that card counting to be approved, but the casinos are moving to a higher court in an attempt to overturn this ruling. The Indiana Casino Association, representative of 11 out of 12 of Indiana's casinos, advocate the appeal. Casinos have taken steps to stop card counting by utilizing numerous decks, shuffling frequently, or even implementing technology to locate the faces of known card counters.

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