Casino News: Harry Reid alleged for corruption in his re-election

Harry Reid alleged for corruption in his re-election

 November 9, 2010, 10:29 am (7 years ago)
The November elections have ended. Senator Harry Reid won the seat in re-election, and things went well in his operation world, for a day. That’s when allegations of inappropriate harassment, possible infringements of federal campaign finance regulations and intimidation tactics were carried out to win Reid’s seat.

According to the sources, just two days prior to the mid-term voting, a guarantee of Harry Reid winning his Senate seat was becoming thinner and thinner as his rival Sharon Angle was to the lead by 3 points according to the political polls. Nevertheless, when all votes were counted, Harry Reid managed to win with a six-point margin; needless to say, this result was a shock to everybody.

However, some have acknowledged that it was no coincidence; it seems there are charges on both Harrah’s Entertainment and Reid campaign for the involvement in dirty diplomatic strategies, by approaching Harrah’s employees with coercion to ensure that they vote for Harry Reid. The former Federal Election Commissioner, Hans A. Spakovsky clarified that it’s illicit for executives in a Senate campaign to coordinate with any unions or corporations.

Reid campaign and the Harrah’s may have breached federal regulations, which forbid contributions from unions or corporations for political campaigns. The act of making direct in-kind contributions is far from supporting a campaign and thus, it is illegal.
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