Casino News: Online Casino support - The real face

Online Casino support - The real face

 January 4, 2007, 8:28 pm (12 years ago)

This article is really about how to create a better support for online casinos, It stands to reason that when you walk into a brick-and-mortar business, your first impression of the place will be influenced by the way you are treated by the staff of the establishment.

If you are welcomed in with a smile and a polite word or two, you will probably be keener to stay and check out what the business has to offer. However, if the staff ignore you or, even worse, are rude and unhelpful, the tendency will be to leave right away.

There is no reason to assume that online casinos should be any different when it comes to customer service. Many times we think that because online casinos are so 'virtual' and 'anonymous' also 'online', there is no human touch there and we can expect to be treated like robots. However, it is time to remember that behind every online casino there are human beings who create the site, maintain it and strive to answer questions and solve any problems that their customers have.

For gamblers who are checking out online casino sites, one of the main things to remember is that help desk staff should be helpful and friendly from day one. It is in fact, imperative to check out the help desk before betting that first dollar. A simple way to do so would be to send an email or make a phone call to customer services and see what sort of reply is forthcoming. If the reply takes longer than necessary (anything over 24 hours), or if the reply is not satisfactory, curt, or senseless, gamblers will be able to judge for themselves that this is not the type of site they would want to deal with. After all, if the help desk cannot deal with simple pre gambling problems, they will not be much help when and if real problems crop up.

Today, more and more online casinos are realizing the importance of investing in good help desk staff. This includes staff who are kind, polite and efficient, as well as staff who speak more than one language. As the world becomes more globalized - combined with the fact that much of the world’s online gambling activity is moving away from the United States and more towards Europe and Asia - it is imperative that staff speak other languages besides English.

In addition, online casinos who take their customer service department seriously will ensure that there is more than one way to get hold of them. It is best to avoid sites that provide one single landline number as a way to reach them. Check out sites, instead, that offer email contact, phone and fax numbers (preferably multilined) and - even better - livechat.

In this day and age, when competition in the online gambling world is so fierce, there is simply no need for customers to settle for anything less than the best when it comes to customer services. Sites that recognize the gambler’s need for a 'human face' will reap the rewards in the long run, although still after the U.S. law it seems like it will be hard and probably even risky for a support personel to show his face when accepting U.S. based casino players.

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