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Active Gambling Consumer

 April 8, 2007, 2:33 pm (14 years ago)
There is nothing like the power that the consumer has and this is also applicable when you talk about online gambling. In actual fact, even though online casino gambling takes on the façade of a virtual pastime, these sites are businesses in every sense of the word and they depend on you, their gamblers, to keep their businesses ticking. If it wasn’t for you they wouldn’t be in business anyway, we the customers are the ones that keep these businesses up and going.

There exists extremely strong competition out there among gambling sites, luckily for us, and it is a privilege for us to be able to pick and choose the sites out there that can provide top services, top games and the best software there is to have.

Don't sit back and hope that the problem will go away, if you come across a problem at a particular online casino site that bothers you. Make sure that you let someone know how you feel about it and let them tell you what they are going to do about it to make it right. It is your duty to report any problematic behavior to the site manager or customer services staff. You might be pointing out something that has been overlooked and you could be sparing other gamblers some future problems. Anything ranging from chat system abuse to glitches in software should always make their way to the ears of site management. Anything that you notice that can pose a problem should be mentioned to the people that are over the site so that they can handle it so that it will not happen again.

Wait and see what type of response you will get, if you are not happy with a particular site and you have complained. You should receive a prompt and professional reply that satisfies you. If not, make sure that the site management knows that you will be taking the problem further. There are other forums where you can make your feelings known. These include gambling message boards, portals, etc. No online sites want to see negative reports about their companies and will usually reach a compromise with you. If you don’t get the problem handled and you think that it should be addressed it is important that you feel free to post the problem so that maybe the will take care of it.

Another way to stay active in the gambling industry is to have your say on matters close to the heart. If the recent anti-gambling laws in the United States infuriate you, for instance, look for ways and means of having your voice heard. There are several online petitions that can be signed and sent to those who may have a certain amount of clout. When you believe in something it is important that you stand up for what you think is right, if you don’t know one else will. Other ways to remain active include joining powerful organizations such as the Poker Players Alliance, which is working hard to legalize online poker. Their claim is that poker is a game of skill and should therefore not be included in the new UIGEA bill. Every effort helps and every signature is one more nearly too hopefully make American politicians rethink their Prohibition policies. If the government sees that the people are highly upset then they will rethink the decisions that they have made and may change them so that we can be happy again. They don’t want us to be upset because we are the ones that put them where they are today.

Finally, don't forget the power of the pen. Find out a list of the names and contact details of your local congressmen and women and start petitioning them via mail for changes in your local gambling laws. Some politicians are not even aware of what their citizens really feel about gambling and it is your civil duty to let them know. You can send them a letter every time that they make a decision that you don’t agree with, however don’t write them so much that they think you are a stocker. Set out your ideas in a clear and concise form and don't ramble. Check out local lobbying groups for ideas on how you can go about having your voice heard most effectively. Don't sit down and accept that 'that's the way it's done'. Become an active gambling consumer today!
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