Casino News: Anything Boys Can Do, Girls Can Do Better?

Anything Boys Can Do, Girls Can Do Better?

 July 25, 2007, 1:39 pm (12 years ago)
We can all agree on the fact that T-Shirts are and have always been a popular product. With the arrival of the Internet, however, the T industry has been revolutionized, containing many other industries, like gambling, which will be further analyzed. Whether they're political, one-of-a-kind or used, Ts are visitable websites. These are run by the producers, designer, online stores or online second hand stores, like the famous eBay or just regular stores. One of the best motto in history printed on the most sought after T-Shirts will be applied as motto for this article as well:

"Anything Boys Can Do, Girls Can Do Better."

But is it really like this? As we've tried to question the statement in the title as well, this is not a very clear affirmation. I'm not a slogan specialist, but in my domain of expertise, the online casino gambling, there is an apparent gender distinction. Anonymous as it is, the gambling society online is believed to be a male domain. Various studies, among which one conducted by the Harvard medical school, with sources from a large online gaming provider from Austria, made a more clear picture of the winners. What do you know: there appears to be more women than men, as far as high stake gambling concerns.

Even if this particular study hasn't been released officially nor fully (plans for a release later this year are being discussed), according to its initial findings, women gamble more than men, betting stakes higher by as much as 15% than men. Another interesting and shocking study, if you will, over a period of eight months and with more than 40.000 cases analyzed, shows that women are better sporting gamblers than men.
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