Casino News: Paid by millions, free for you

Paid by millions, free for you

 July 26, 2007, 12:27 am (11 years ago)
The new, long-awaited iPhone which was lanched last week made a very good impression to the experts with a whooping 700,000 items sold. The number of iPhones sold on the market in the first weekend was extraordinary, not only for the people but also for the experts, who weren't so optimist regarding the number. While the greater part of them expected to be sold about 200,000 items, some of them, a bit more daring, expected 350,000 units sold.

Maybe the new sought-after iPhone hasn't got any relevance to the casino world, but it's sales success it encountered in the very first weekend following the release was astounding. This event might be compared with a normal gambler playing with 10 dollars hoping to double his money, but realizes he won the big jackpot of 1000$ or more, much more. More or less this is the story of the first impression of the iPhone on the market.

The gambling industry also has its impact regarding the popularity of the new iPhone, as many casinos offer the mobile phone as ultimate prizes. Some of them combined the fantastic new phone with gambling and created special games just for the iPhone, and they appear to be successful, as more and more slots machines, blackjack tables and other devices take form of a colourful mobile phone having on top in a shiny box the device worshiped by so many: the iPhone.

A good example of this iPhone mania in the casinos is the Bodog Online Casino, which tries to attract players closer to gambling. The casino offered the chance of winnning free iPhones daily at one of their games, Let 'Em Ride. And the players accepted! Not only that, but 15 items were won! Additional prizes can be iTunes gifts and some cash sums, and so the iPhone fun pack is completed. It's exciting, sought-after and so far it worked for many gamblers. So come down to one of the casinos, or login to an online gambling website, and get that shiny iPhone you've always wanted!
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