Poker News: Poker Programmed by Researchers, Computer vs. Humans Capabilities to Withstand

Poker Programmed by Researchers, Computer vs. Humans Capabilities to Withstand

 June 14, 2007, 7:26 pm (11 years ago)

A poker playing computer game was developed by the researchers of Canada that has demanded the two of the best world players to play the game which will help to prove the advancement in artificial intelligence.

This gaming machine match worth $50,000 will be played on the month of July 23 and 24 with alignment to the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence Conference which will be held at Vancouver Canada, the team researcher hopes that their programmed game will give Phil something to think of.

The format that has been developed will help the researchers to factor out luck and make a scientific experimentation to know the capabilities of humans in comparison to the best gaming program in the world. By Jonathan Schaeffler.

The aim of this experiment is to develop a program in poker that is able to withstand all human players.

The computer program has actually have a various characteristics, one may be pushy to play but he does not take into considerations the style of his or her opponent program may mean learning from the endurance and limitations of the players, this will adjust to every style consequently.

The most concerning part of this gaming program is the expertise of the poker in terms to how it is played, deceiving.

There is an optimal rates in mathematics in which you should deceive. The computer calculate that rate, people doesn’t understand the pokers math, if you tend to deceive to the computer’s calculation you can win it.

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