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 In a case brought against the US...
Category: Casino, Comments (0) - 11 years ago
In a case brought against the US Justice Authorites by Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association, the hearing has been...
Tags: imega, case, government, september, hearing, uigea, dismissal, recently
 Svenska Spel are taking measures against gambling problem
Category: Casino, Comments (0) - 12 years ago
According to Radio Sweden in order to fight gambling problem Svenska Spel the Swedish government online gambling organization introduced advanced...
Tags: gambling, spel, system, how, svenska, icu, problem, betting
 America‚Äôs Vote against UIGEA Pass the Bill for HR2046
Category: Casino, Comments (0) - 12 years ago
Last Friday’s media coverage has been excited about the positive hearings on online gambling the next question is now what...
Tags: bill, gambling, congressman, frank
 Chinesse blitz against Online Gambling
Category: Casino, Comments (0) - 12 years ago
Chinese government has launched the long awaited three-month blitz against Chinese online gambling this weakened. According to them, it was...
Tags: online, gambling, chinese, government
 A Bill against UIGEA
Category: Casino, Comments (0) - 11 years ago
A bill attempting to ban the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve to enforce the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act...
Tags: ban, the, Treasury, Department, and, the, Federal, Reserve, to, enforce, the, Unlawful, Internet, Gambling, Enforcement, Act
 Tighter rules against online gambling in South Korea
Category: Casino, Comments (0) - 11 years ago
In South Korea, supervisory body suggested that there should be limits on Internet cash transactions in order to regulate online...
Tags: limits, on, Internet, cash, transactions, in, order, to, regulate, online, gambling.,
 A little doubt against Enstonian licence policy
Category: Casino, Comments (0) - 11 years ago
The European Commission is paying attention to a new gambling bill relating to online and land licensing provisions, currently under...
Tags: new, gambling, bill
 Injunction against the use of cell phones
Category: Casino, Comments (0) - 10 years ago
It looks like that an inevitable wrapping-up that the Nevada Gaming Commission is going to vote next month to raise...
Tags: injunction, against, the, use, of, cell, phones, and, other, electronic, tools, for, sports, books.
 Tougher regulation against money laundergin in India
Category: Casino, Comments (0) - 10 years ago
The mainstream media in New Delhi is presently examining on the influence of new and tougher anti-money laundering legislation presently...
Tags: tougher, anti-money, laundering, legislation,
 Worldwide agency to organize against illegal gambling
Category: Casino, Comments (0) - 10 years ago
According to Associated Press from Zurich in Switzerland this week, the organizations that control sports betting are demanding a worldwide...
Tags: illegitimate, gambling,Switzerland, ,, Horseracing, ,
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